As everyone knows we are not known for the best weather. Even in the summer time. Yet you can do a lot of things while you are in the city.

In the City of Fun there are plenty of things to do even with a bad weather.


In the city center there are many stores you can visit. If you are near the Dam square then you can visit “Bijenkorf” or “Magna Plaza” both shopping malls are just few meters away and you can find different national and international brands in it. Also you can have a drink in at one of the cafes or a quick bite at one of the restaurants.

Amsterdam Travel Experience
Amsterdam Travel Experience

Cozy bars

While you are in the area you can visit one of the cozy bars in the Jordaan District which is just a walking distance from the “Magna Plaza”. The Jordaan is one of the oldest parts in the city and as the locals say the real Amsterdammers are the people from Jordaan as they have a very heavy accent which makes them unique.

The Jordaan is also famous for its amazing architect work. This charming colored neighborhood is often compared with NY’s Greenwich Village. So when it’s little dry outside don’t forget to walk around and discover this beautiful area.


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